Fancy featuring in the paint job of a fast car?

No we aren’t talking about the Bugatti Veyron; who’d put your face on that? We are actually talking about the fastest car in the world, a car that Andy Green will try and take to 800mph next Autumn, I know right, a little faster than the second hand Seat Mii I have sitting in my garage. Anyway if they successfully reach 800mph they are planning on trying to crush that record the following year, and taking the Bloodhound SSC to an even faster speed of 1000mph!

However the Bloodhound SSC team need a small favour, of £50,000 and they want you to step up and donate it (not all of it from you personally, but a contribution would be nice). Depending on how much you donate you might get a little something in return, £15 gets you your name on the tailfin, £50 gets your school’s name on the tailfin, £500 gets your companies name on there, and if you donate £1000 and you can get a picture of you’re face painted on the side of it. I am also running a scheme whereby if you donate £500 to me I will put your face on the bonnet of my MG MG3, all proceeds will go towards a new car.

You might think this all sounds a bit naff, however the £50,000 wont just go towards the speed record and the cars paint job, it will also be used to help fund a Bloodhound education program that has been designed by the Bloodhound group in order to teach school children about maths and engineering that gets them involved and interacting in exciting and interesting ways.